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Aren’t Trusts Only For Rich People?

No. At Plan And Protect Law Firm, we believe that planning for your future and protecting your loved ones is a crucial step in securing their well-being. Wealth is only one factor in weighing your estate planning options. Home ownership, privacy concerns, and shielding inheritance against predators, creditors, and divorce are some additional factors that should also be considered. Understanding the distinctive functions of wills and trusts is crucial in choosing the right estate planning tool for your unique circumstances.

Our Clients Are Able To Make An Informed Choice

The Attorneys at Plan And Protect Law Firm are skilled at helping you understand how a will or a trust will work for you and the people you care about most. With this guidance, clients are able to choose what type of estate plan best addresses their concerns about protecting loved ones effectively.

Wills vs. Trusts: Understanding the Distinctions

What Is The Difference Between a Will and a Trust?



A will is a legal document outlining your wishes for asset distribution after your passing.


A will is usually not as lengthy or complex as a trust, and a will typically cost less to prepare.


Most people are unaware that wills require probate court involvement, which can be time-consuming, costly, and potentially expose your estate details to the public.



A trust is legal entity that holds assets on your behalf, transferring ownership to designated beneficiaries upon your passing or according to your instructions.


A trust is designed to avoid probate court, potentially saving time and money. A trust offers greater flexibility in managing and distributing assets.


A trust is typically more complex to create and maintain than a will. Creating a trust will typically require a somewhat higher fee.
Estate planning helps avoid confusion and potential conflict by clearly outlining
your desires for your care during your golden years, care for your dependents,
and asset distribution after your passing.

Which Option is Right for You?

Our attorneys provide legal guidance to help you determine what will bring you the most peace of mind. Your personalized plan will be designed to address your preferences and primary concerns while factoring in these considerations:

Beneficiary Considerations

If you have specific wishes for how your assets are distributed or want to protect beneficiaries from creditors, a trust may be more suitable than a will.

Ongoing Asset Management

If you require ongoing management of your assets while you're alive, a trust allows for this, while a will only dictates distribution after your passing.

Avoiding Probate

Trusts can avoid probate court, saving time and money, while wills require probate, which can be lengthy and costly.

Complexity of Your Estate

Wills are generally simpler and are sometimes preferred by clients with smaller estates. Trusts offer more control, flexibility, and privacy for estates with more complex assets or more complicated family dynamics.

Why Should I Confer With An Estate Planning Attorney?

An Estate Planning Attorney can help you navigate legal complexities to ensure your estate plan reflects your specific needs and protects you and your loved ones according to your wishes.
 Contact Plan and Protect Law Firm today to find out whether a will or a trust may be a great way for you to secure a well-defined legacy.

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